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October 2015

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Many of us on US soil know of Jamiroquai from his 1996 hit single and (might I say awesome) music video "Virtual Insanity".  This past year and a half I have REALLY come to love this band.  While Jay Kay, the lead singer, is known for being a bit pompous, he sure does know how to please my ears with his funky sounds.  His band is formed around a certain electric sound mashed with didgeridoos, bass, horns, and drums.  
I will be featuring many bands on this site.  I chose to feature Jamiroquai today because I have recently found out that this month is the release of Jamiroquai's latest album Rock Dust Star Light, including its first single "White Knuckle Ride" which I feel has a really disco sound- not foreign to Jamiroquai.  I think what I really appreciate about Jamiroquai is how they transform the songs that they have on their albums to even funky-er versions live.  I absolutely cannot wait to see more live versions of this song.   

I'm very excited to see what Jay Kay does with this last album because it's a "back to the basics" kind of album recorded out of his own home.  

Back to the beginning.  

1993: Emergency on Planet Earth:  Of all the albums I think this one is a good starter album because its a glimpse of funk with mostly jazz feel.  Shows their composure and how tight they can play even with almost a dozen people in the mix.  A few more slow songs than other albums.  Not my favorite- but always appreciated.  
    Personal Favorites from this album include:
       2: Too Young to die:   the video which I have linked to this song is totally awesome.  It is a prime example of what makes Jamiroquai shine in my eyes.  I have seen so many bands live that absolutely cannot perform, but Jamiroquai blossoms on stage.  Jay Kay captivates the audience by engaging the whole stage in this "Funk Odyssey".  
       6: Emergency on Planet Earth:  
       8: Blow your mind:  I love this one because its a kind of funky love song. The bass line is awesome with a bit of a funky skat laced throughout the song.  Sounds a lot like ol' Stevie Wonder. 

1994: Return of the Space Cowboy: This album is full of my personal favorites!  Very funky, very revolutionary for its time.  

TBContinued LATER!