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October 2015

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Snaps Claps Whistles and Hums

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This song is a remake of Franki Valli's Beggin'  The dancing in it is absolutely incredible.  Read on!


Some songs really have a way of grabbing your hips and making them sway.  I have always known I am partial to a real hard funky bass-line and sick jam sessions, but I never really thought about what was similar about some of the obscure songs I love to listen to.  Then...I put a bunch on one playlist and listened to them over and over for two weeks.  Then I heard it.  
  It was so primal and raw.  The most simple instrument that has constructed beats for decades.  The hand.  From the time you are an infant, the sound of a snap or clap has conditioned a positive response.  A baby will learn to clap before he will learn to talk, and during those stages the baby is learning a lot about the world around them.  Most people know the song, "If you're happy and you know it".  This song as well as the idea of an applause are two things that make snaps and claps very positive sounds.  It would be strange to hear claps or snaps in a negative way wouldn't it?  


Well, I have been a closet snaps and claps lover (even to myself ) :)


This band is awesome.  I haven't heard anything else by them yet, but this song has some awesome qualities.  
View movie.I think the lead singer has a very soothing voice, and the guitar is rockin.  
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Iron & Wine is a very sophisticated sound, and this video is very aesthetically pleasing. 
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