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October 2015

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Today has already been full of music.  

This first entry is going to be ALL OVER THE PLACE, because I feel like I have so much to share at this point.  
Like every day, I start my day with Pandora Radio in the shower.  
Today: The Whitest Boy Alive station.  

Right now I am Listening to Above You by Whitest Boy Alive.  The keyboard in this song reminds me vaguely of Mark Everett sound from the Eels.  (I'm reading the book he wrote right now, which, while a little slow, is really musically inspirational.  One can only hope life can be driven by music as much as he is. )

I love this euro-pop sound and I seem to be finding a lot of really good beats from these guys and guys like them.  
i.e. Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix 
I think what I like about them is that they manage to pull of this europop sound without sounding anything like interpol.  They do,however, actually have a little Postal Service sound without being too slow or low energy.  (I love Postal Service but I can only listen to the every so often and in a certain mood because of the tempo)  

That was my complaint about She Wants Revenge, which i still think is one of the sexiest albums out there, the lead sounds exactly like the singer from Interpol. If you put the Strokes and Interpol together, you get She Wants Revenge.  

Pandora is playing the band Spoon.  They also have the europop sound, but they are actually from Austin Texas, and are based now out of Oregon.  I must say that they are climbing their way in to my daily favorite list.  I have heard three songs by them in the past week that I absolutely love.  Got Nuffin, I turned My Camera on, and The Book I Write are awesome.  I know The Book i Write was in Stranger than Fiction, and they have been on shows like SNL and on a couple video games.  **I think my aunt is going to be giving me an old poster of theirs :)**

TANGENT**  MGMT Electric Feel is an awesome electro punk song.  I'm sitting in INdigo Coffee in Hyde Park and dancing in my seat.  I think they would probably play this on Thursday nights at the Castle in Tampa about 6 times.  (NAMEDROPPIN) 



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