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October 2015

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Rain Music

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Music often has a great effect on mood and disposition.  For those of you who know me, you know that this idea consumed a lot of my adult career in college.  Its a more powerful idea than I ever imagined, and has opened my mind to a new and more positive world view.  Some people turn to drugs, alcohol, or sex to help improve their state of self, but I feel like Music can be used to sooth the soul more than anything.  Listening to music is healthy and has almost magical effects on a person.  Of course, there are some who would disagree with that statement, but that is the beauty of life, we can all disagree on things.  Some might say a band such as Nine Inch Nails is a negative influence on youngsters, and I may agree with them.  But I will disagree if those people were to say that such music should be banned.  Like any art, Music is an expression, to be loved by some, liked by some, and hated by some.  Any music that effects you, even if it is hatred, is doing its job.  Surreal artists such as Salvador Dali were not making art to be loved or understood, often times quite the opposite.   Music is the same. 

I was talking with a coworker of mine about the very interesting topic of music piracy.  It stemmed from the piracy of movies and as many topics do with me, turned to music.  

What does music Piracy do?  
Many people will say that the piracy of music will kill the music industry thus leaving us with limited musical excellence.  I mentioned in my previous post that I am reading a book written by the lead singer of the Eels, Mark Everett
This book is filled with his attempts to gain the support of his labels for his albums.  Over and over again, he explains that the labels are looking for hits that they think will sell instead of his own artistic influence.  He explains so many times how frustrating this was and how he watched many other musicians go through the same or similar ordeals with their labels.  Thankfully this didnt keep him from creating his own music, but it did discourage him from attempting the " bigtime" status.  He realized how plastic it all was.  The few times the labels reluctantly ran with some of his original music, they were surprised to find that the originality was appreciated and successful.  
I have heard the argument that piracy will kill the concert experience.  If there is no industry (i.e. labels funding production of music) there will be no live shows available.  I totally understand the basis behind this argument but i disagree.  I feel that the industry will evolve and instead of a label being focused on the sales of music, it will be on the sales at concerts.  In fact if the industry evolves as I suspect it will, i think that we will be seeing a lot more of the smaller bands around in live concerts.  If the music industry wants to find the money it will evolve with what the people want.  We want free music and lots of live shows.  Seeing a live show is one way a fan can support the musicians they love.   Some musicians are already taking this idea into their own hands.  Dave Matthews Band has a unique way of living music and evolving the industry.  Dave Matthews releases all of his live albums online for free, with live streaming of most most of their songs off of their own website.  They make it very for the fan to hear every song that they would ever want to hear, even if it were a live version.  They still continue to sell their albums, as well as merchandise and many! Live DVDs.  What they have done however that is very unique is, until this summer (2011) they have been touring every summer for twenty years.  Consistent touring has brought the band great wealth and an ever stronger following than they could have ever imagined, I'm sure.  I have seen them 13 some odd times.  Maybe even more- I have a hard time remembering.  Every show is unique and emotion pours out of the stage.  
Music Industry Evolution may mean more consistent and dedicated musicians and a gear towards the Live experience.  We shall see.  
Either way, Music will never die, especially not because of piracy.  
TANGENT** IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE PIRATE RADIO- RENT IT AND WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!!** Also, Viva Voce, "Special Thing" has a really awesome vintage sound with shakers and clapping.  I'm going to check out the album on playlist.com- 

Music often has a great effect on mood and disposition, like weather often does.  As I sit in this well lit coffee shop I am watching the ski outside get dark and gray as the rain pours down on the cars outside.  I am listening to a song called "Cool Hand" by Sean Hayes.  He is a solo artist with a picking banjo that sounds like falling rain, but an optimistic outlook.  Even after a strong coffee I can feel my body calming as I listen to his soothing voice.  

Favorite Rain Songs: 

Jose Gonzalez "Storm"
Massive Attack "Teardrop"
Dave Matthews Band "Stay or Leave"
Jack Johnson "Monsoon"
List to be continued...