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October 2015



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Oct. 11th, 2015

All Time Top 5

I guess you could say that I'm pretty dedicated to my favorite bands.  My all time top five are as follows:

  1. Dave Matthews Band (Go ahead and Nay Say, doesn't bother me a bit)

  2. Jamiroquai

  3. D'Angelo

  4. Nine Inch Nails

  5. Spoon


Dave Matthews Band
Now, a lot of people dislike DMB.  I get it, maybe some songs sound similar, but that's only a problem if you don't process the song with delightful anticipation.  As an avid follower of live shows, DMB satisfies my every tastebud.  The band members are beyond talented; Carter Beauford, Boyd Tinsley, Dave Matthews (arguably the least talented, but possesses the best ear for talent in the business), Jeff Coffman, Rashon Ross, and Stephan- who's last name doesn't even matter because he's the youngest and best looking in the band.  My favorite is that the band does multiple consecutive shows at choice venues; Camden, Gorge, West Palm, and even Red Rocks when the going was good!!!

DMB doesn't just play their songs, they get on stage and find a way to suprize everyone, every show.  Followers aren't just dedicated, they are extremely loyal and spend, in some cases, thousands a year.  I am sitting right around 50-60 shows myself, averaging about $80 a ticket (i know it's obserd, but damn is it a good time).

For some reason, I've always felt like DMB has a way of transcending time right along my side.  It doesn't matter how I'm feeling, I can always depend on some type of relevant emotional connection with the song of the moment.  At times it's quite an overwhelming feeling.

Known as one of media's social playboys; Jaykay is the wreckless rich ass hole that lives deep within each one of his profoundly less fortunate followers.  Adourned with hot models, expensive clothes, and only one of the finest and most exotic cars in the business, Jaykay is a production genius he knows it.  

Aug. 13th, 2013

Getting back into the Groove...

Life has it's way of distracting us from the things that we truly enjoy.  It's almost as if I had forgotten how to express myself.  Though my time on this page has been short (and by no means extensive) I have decided to open a new chapter.  A new blog perhaps.  Elation for a fresh start.

Jan. 12th, 2011

Snaps Claps Whistles and Hums

View movie.
This song is a remake of Franki Valli's Beggin'  The dancing in it is absolutely incredible.  Read on!


Some songs really have a way of grabbing your hips and making them sway.  I have always known I am partial to a real hard funky bass-line and sick jam sessions, but I never really thought about what was similar about some of the obscure songs I love to listen to.  Then...I put a bunch on one playlist and listened to them over and over for two weeks.  Then I heard it.  
  It was so primal and raw.  The most simple instrument that has constructed beats for decades.  The hand.  From the time you are an infant, the sound of a snap or clap has conditioned a positive response.  A baby will learn to clap before he will learn to talk, and during those stages the baby is learning a lot about the world around them.  Most people know the song, "If you're happy and you know it".  This song as well as the idea of an applause are two things that make snaps and claps very positive sounds.  It would be strange to hear claps or snaps in a negative way wouldn't it?  


Well, I have been a closet snaps and claps lover (even to myself ) :)


This band is awesome.  I haven't heard anything else by them yet, but this song has some awesome qualities.  
View movie.I think the lead singer has a very soothing voice, and the guitar is rockin.  
View movie.
Iron & Wine is a very sophisticated sound, and this video is very aesthetically pleasing. 
View movie.


Nov. 5th, 2010


Many of us on US soil know of Jamiroquai from his 1996 hit single and (might I say awesome) music video "Virtual Insanity".  This past year and a half I have REALLY come to love this band.  While Jay Kay, the lead singer, is known for being a bit pompous, he sure does know how to please my ears with his funky sounds.  His band is formed around a certain electric sound mashed with didgeridoos, bass, horns, and drums.  
I will be featuring many bands on this site.  I chose to feature Jamiroquai today because I have recently found out that this month is the release of Jamiroquai's latest album Rock Dust Star Light, including its first single "White Knuckle Ride" which I feel has a really disco sound- not foreign to Jamiroquai.  I think what I really appreciate about Jamiroquai is how they transform the songs that they have on their albums to even funky-er versions live.  I absolutely cannot wait to see more live versions of this song.   

I'm very excited to see what Jay Kay does with this last album because it's a "back to the basics" kind of album recorded out of his own home.  

Back to the beginning.  

1993: Emergency on Planet Earth:  Of all the albums I think this one is a good starter album because its a glimpse of funk with mostly jazz feel.  Shows their composure and how tight they can play even with almost a dozen people in the mix.  A few more slow songs than other albums.  Not my favorite- but always appreciated.  
    Personal Favorites from this album include:
       2: Too Young to die:   the video which I have linked to this song is totally awesome.  It is a prime example of what makes Jamiroquai shine in my eyes.  I have seen so many bands live that absolutely cannot perform, but Jamiroquai blossoms on stage.  Jay Kay captivates the audience by engaging the whole stage in this "Funk Odyssey".  
       6: Emergency on Planet Earth:  
       8: Blow your mind:  I love this one because its a kind of funky love song. The bass line is awesome with a bit of a funky skat laced throughout the song.  Sounds a lot like ol' Stevie Wonder. 

1994: Return of the Space Cowboy: This album is full of my personal favorites!  Very funky, very revolutionary for its time.  

TBContinued LATER!


Nov. 4th, 2010

Rain Music

Check out my Playlist on Playlist.com 

Music often has a great effect on mood and disposition.  For those of you who know me, you know that this idea consumed a lot of my adult career in college.  Its a more powerful idea than I ever imagined, and has opened my mind to a new and more positive world view.  Some people turn to drugs, alcohol, or sex to help improve their state of self, but I feel like Music can be used to sooth the soul more than anything.  Listening to music is healthy and has almost magical effects on a person.  Of course, there are some who would disagree with that statement, but that is the beauty of life, we can all disagree on things.  Some might say a band such as Nine Inch Nails is a negative influence on youngsters, and I may agree with them.  But I will disagree if those people were to say that such music should be banned.  Like any art, Music is an expression, to be loved by some, liked by some, and hated by some.  Any music that effects you, even if it is hatred, is doing its job.  Surreal artists such as Salvador Dali were not making art to be loved or understood, often times quite the opposite.   Music is the same. 

I was talking with a coworker of mine about the very interesting topic of music piracy.  It stemmed from the piracy of movies and as many topics do with me, turned to music.  

What does music Piracy do?  
Many people will say that the piracy of music will kill the music industry thus leaving us with limited musical excellence.  I mentioned in my previous post that I am reading a book written by the lead singer of the Eels, Mark Everett
This book is filled with his attempts to gain the support of his labels for his albums.  Over and over again, he explains that the labels are looking for hits that they think will sell instead of his own artistic influence.  He explains so many times how frustrating this was and how he watched many other musicians go through the same or similar ordeals with their labels.  Thankfully this didnt keep him from creating his own music, but it did discourage him from attempting the " bigtime" status.  He realized how plastic it all was.  The few times the labels reluctantly ran with some of his original music, they were surprised to find that the originality was appreciated and successful.  
I have heard the argument that piracy will kill the concert experience.  If there is no industry (i.e. labels funding production of music) there will be no live shows available.  I totally understand the basis behind this argument but i disagree.  I feel that the industry will evolve and instead of a label being focused on the sales of music, it will be on the sales at concerts.  In fact if the industry evolves as I suspect it will, i think that we will be seeing a lot more of the smaller bands around in live concerts.  If the music industry wants to find the money it will evolve with what the people want.  We want free music and lots of live shows.  Seeing a live show is one way a fan can support the musicians they love.   Some musicians are already taking this idea into their own hands.  Dave Matthews Band has a unique way of living music and evolving the industry.  Dave Matthews releases all of his live albums online for free, with live streaming of most most of their songs off of their own website.  They make it very for the fan to hear every song that they would ever want to hear, even if it were a live version.  They still continue to sell their albums, as well as merchandise and many! Live DVDs.  What they have done however that is very unique is, until this summer (2011) they have been touring every summer for twenty years.  Consistent touring has brought the band great wealth and an ever stronger following than they could have ever imagined, I'm sure.  I have seen them 13 some odd times.  Maybe even more- I have a hard time remembering.  Every show is unique and emotion pours out of the stage.  
Music Industry Evolution may mean more consistent and dedicated musicians and a gear towards the Live experience.  We shall see.  
Either way, Music will never die, especially not because of piracy.  
TANGENT** IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE PIRATE RADIO- RENT IT AND WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!!** Also, Viva Voce, "Special Thing" has a really awesome vintage sound with shakers and clapping.  I'm going to check out the album on playlist.com- 

Music often has a great effect on mood and disposition, like weather often does.  As I sit in this well lit coffee shop I am watching the ski outside get dark and gray as the rain pours down on the cars outside.  I am listening to a song called "Cool Hand" by Sean Hayes.  He is a solo artist with a picking banjo that sounds like falling rain, but an optimistic outlook.  Even after a strong coffee I can feel my body calming as I listen to his soothing voice.  

Favorite Rain Songs: 

Jose Gonzalez "Storm"
Massive Attack "Teardrop"
Dave Matthews Band "Stay or Leave"
Jack Johnson "Monsoon"
List to be continued...


Today has already been full of music.  

This first entry is going to be ALL OVER THE PLACE, because I feel like I have so much to share at this point.  
Like every day, I start my day with Pandora Radio in the shower.  
Today: The Whitest Boy Alive station.  

Right now I am Listening to Above You by Whitest Boy Alive.  The keyboard in this song reminds me vaguely of Mark Everett sound from the Eels.  (I'm reading the book he wrote right now, which, while a little slow, is really musically inspirational.  One can only hope life can be driven by music as much as he is. )

I love this euro-pop sound and I seem to be finding a lot of really good beats from these guys and guys like them.  
i.e. Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix 
I think what I like about them is that they manage to pull of this europop sound without sounding anything like interpol.  They do,however, actually have a little Postal Service sound without being too slow or low energy.  (I love Postal Service but I can only listen to the every so often and in a certain mood because of the tempo)  

That was my complaint about She Wants Revenge, which i still think is one of the sexiest albums out there, the lead sounds exactly like the singer from Interpol. If you put the Strokes and Interpol together, you get She Wants Revenge.  

Pandora is playing the band Spoon.  They also have the europop sound, but they are actually from Austin Texas, and are based now out of Oregon.  I must say that they are climbing their way in to my daily favorite list.  I have heard three songs by them in the past week that I absolutely love.  Got Nuffin, I turned My Camera on, and The Book I Write are awesome.  I know The Book i Write was in Stranger than Fiction, and they have been on shows like SNL and on a couple video games.  **I think my aunt is going to be giving me an old poster of theirs :)**

TANGENT**  MGMT Electric Feel is an awesome electro punk song.  I'm sitting in INdigo Coffee in Hyde Park and dancing in my seat.  I think they would probably play this on Thursday nights at the Castle in Tampa about 6 times.  (NAMEDROPPIN)